Our Mission

The mission of the New Brunswick Military History Museum is to collect and preserve, research and exhibit artifacts which illustrate the history and heritage of the military forces in New Brunswick, and New Brunswickers at war, during peacetime, and on United Nations/NATO duty.

Our Purpose

  • To deliver the story of New Brunswick’s proud military heritage through the exhibits, programs and activities hosted and presented by the Museum.
  • To communicate the significant role that New Brunswick and New Brunswickers have played in the military history of Canada.
  • To educate visitors on New Brunswick Regiments and related military history.
  • To create a sense of history, identity, and pride within the province, the Canadian Forces, and throughout Canada.

A Brief History

The Museum, formerly known as the Canadian Forces Base Gagetown Military Museum, applied for and received official DND Museum status on April 19, 1973. The Museum continued to develop and grow, expanding its exhibits, programs and activities to display, present and interpret the military history of the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force, 1800 to 1968, and the Canadian Armed Forces from 1968 to today.

In February 2010, the name was changed to the New Brunswick Military History Museum (NBMHM) and the mandate was changed to expand the timeline to pre-1800 and to put more emphasis on New Brunswick.

We Welcome your Feedback

We welcome your views regarding the New Brunswick Military History Museum. Please feel free to send your comments via our contact page.

The Museum is a Member of:

  • Canadian Museums Associations
  • Canadian Forces Museum Systems
  • Organization of Military Museums of Canada
  • Association Museums of New Brunswick

The historical data found throughout this website has been compiled by the staff and volunteers of the New Brunswick Military History Museum (NBMHM). Any additions, corrections, or suggestions for amendments would be most welcome. Contact us to share your thoughts.