Visit the Museum and explore an exceptional array of periodic exhibits. Below is a partial list of our exhibits.

  • WWI trench

    WWI trench

    26th Battalion (New Brunswick) CEF Shortly after the First Contingent of the CEF left for England, the government of Canada authorized the recruiting of a second contingent of volunteers. Fifteen...

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  • Cross strap breast plate

    Cross strap breast plate

    A cross strap breast plate. This cross strap breast plate would have been worn on an adjustable leather shoulder strap to carry a Militiaman’s bayonet and leather scabbard. This particular...

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  • Infantry Sword

    Infantry Sword

    Infantry sword with leather scabbard, used by an officer in a British Light Infantry Regiment, circa early 1800’s. Found at Fort Beaus√©jour....

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  • Flint lock pistol

    Flint lock pistol

    Made by the J.N. Jones & Co. of London, these flint lock pistols were used by British army officers stationed in the colony of New Brunswick between 1810 and 1830....

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  • Lock and Key

    Lock and Key

    Found at the site where Fort Jemseg once stood. Circa 1670-1758. On loan from York Sunbury Museum....

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  • New Brunswick Units at the Front

    New Brunswick Units at the Front

    Throughout the war about 27,000 New Brunswickers joined up, 17,000 of whom went overseas. Two received the Victoria Cross, the highest decoration awarded for valour: Lieutenant Milton F. Gregg from...

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  • Afghanistan


    During the first half of 2007 much of Task Force 1-07 came from CFB Gagetown, including the battle group provided by the 2nd Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment. During...

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  • North Shore Regiment, D-Day

    North Shore Regiment, D-Day

    On June 6, 1944, D-Day, the North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment took part in the 3rd Canadian Division’s attack on Juno Beach on the Normandy coast of France. Landing on...

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